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Investor Opportunities

The initial Seed funding round for PLUTU$ was opened in July 2020 and successfully completed in August 2020. As the Seed funding round has been fully funded and is now closed PLUTU$ is not currently seeking any additional capital investments at this time. There will however be a Series A funding round sometime in late 2021 or early 2022.

PLUTU$ investment opportunities are awarded to those that are aligned with the PLUTU$ philosophy, founding mission, and can clearly perceiving the long-term vision of our organization. Priority is given to individual investors or venture capital firms that can offer not only the minimum required amount of principal, but also valuable insight, contacts, and other resources to assist PLUTU$ as it thrives.

If you are interested and would like to receive information about the upcoming Series A funding round please contact us. When the Series A funding round begins you will be notified and given a full prospectus. Please note that these funding rounds have a fixed cap amount and demand is extremely high, so there is no guarantee that any investor slots will be available during the next funding round or even at any point in the future.

the PLUTU$ Investor Relations Team to learn more.

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